Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jason Anderson-The Hopeful and Unafraid

Cruising home from the forth of a lie show at black bear, desperately woozy, jake and i encountered st. louis as a smokey gauze brought on by fireworks, after a pretty subversively jubilant effective show at the black bear bakery. I put in this Jason Anderson CD, and as with a lot of things I put in my car's CD player that breaks with my previous tried and true obsessions, Jake inquires what it is.
- 'It's this guy Jason Anderson, I've been kindof obsessed with his stuff since I heard one song I really like on KDHX of all places...'
- what obsesses you with him?
I think I stuttered and didn't really come up with a good answer. Sober, I have a better grasp of what I like about the CD. It's earnest and catchy, upbeat and serious but only in a squinty-eyed youthful way, charmingly road weary, well traveled, a classic sensibility that some how, at least to me, ends up not seeming cliche. The song writing is concise and approachable but with an occasional grandeur lurking behind it;
he said, "man, how can you live like a tramp out on the road
you know
bouncing like a tetherball
here and there
to and fro
chasing the highway like a dirty gravel rainbow
do you ever get release
let alone a pot of gold?"
To be truthful, a lot of my more basic descriptors of the CD might not even compel you to listen to it. The genre and sound; earnest Springsteen-ian Indie rock n roll, is a worn out one. The sentiments; romance, traveling, friendship, pretty cliche. Yet isn't that the only way we manage to draw any satisfaction out of the post-modern muck? Everything is worn out, everything is cliche, nothing hasn't been done, there is just individual taste and conflict with other individual taste. Hey, I didn't make the rules and I sure as fuck wouldn't have chose them to be this way, but this is where we're at. Post-modern music, a smorgasbord buffet of cliches to choose from. Yet despite all this, I find honesty in his music. Is Jason Anderson a friend of mine, do we hangout on weekends? No. I have no way of cross checking if his real-life personality is as endearing as his songs, but if he's lying to me, it's a damn good lie.

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